Sunday, December 07, 2008

T.W.I.N. #7: Beat 'em, or Sue 'em.

So much has happened around the world over the last seven days. I wish I had more time to devote to it all. I apologize for the abbreviated coverage of Greece, Iraq, Mecca and the rest of the it goes. I really wanted to revisit the Mumbai/Pakistan story that I wrote about last week, but that will have to wait. At any rate, though this week's review may seem bleak, do not despair! It's full of People Power!!!


In Greece the people have taken over their streets in the wake of the murder of a 16 year old boy by the police. What if we reacted like this when the cops killed one of ours? (Timothy Stansbury, anyone?) In related news, closer to home--actually 2 subway stops from my Brooklyn apartment) at least one cop has been indicted by a grand jury for sodomizing a 24 year old tattoo artist at the station. The beasts who walk the beat chased Michael Mineo to the station because they thought he was smoking a joint--a misdemeanor offense--though it's unclear if any charges have brought against Mineo.

The New York Times says:
The police say the assertion is not supported by civilian witnesses.

But a grand jury and the Brooklyn district attorney are investigating what happened to Mr. Mineo at a Brooklyn subway station, and additional witnesses have surfaced. Investigators say that medical records support Mr. Mineo’s assertion that he suffered internal injuries, and a transit officer has come forward to say that he saw a colleague jab a baton into Mr. Mineo’s buttocks.

June Jordan says:


Tell me something
what you think would happen if
everytime they kill a black boy
then we kill a cop
everytime they kill a black man
then we kill a cop

you think the accident rate would lower

sometimes the feeling like amaze me baby
comes back to my mouth and I am quiet
like Olympian pools from the running the
mountainous snows under the sun

sometimes thinking about the 12th House of the Cosmos
or the way your ear ensnares the tip
of my tongue or signs that I have never seen

I lose consciousness of ugly bestial rabid
and repetitive affront when they tell me
18 cops in order to subdue one man
18 strangled him to death in the ensuing scuffle (don't
you idolize the diction of the powerful: subdue and
scuffle my oh my) and that the murder
that the killing of Arthur Miller on a Brooklyn
street was just a "justifiable accident" again

People been having accidents all over the globe
so long like that I reckon that the only
suitable insurance is a gun
I'm saying war is not to understand or rerun
war is to be fought and won

sometimes the feeling like amaze me baby
blots it out/the bestial but
not too often

tell me something
what you think would happen if
everytime they kill a black boy
then we kill a cop
everytime they kill a black man
then we kill a cop

you think the accident rate would lower


Five Blackwater mercenaries have been indicted for massacring 17 unarmed Iraqis in September of 2007. Of course, contractors in Iraq operate outside of all laws until January 2009.

Halliburton has also been sued for poisoning its workers in Iraq. This is only the latest for Dickhead Chaingang's company. They were also recently sued for human trafficking:
According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, the Nepalese workers were recruited in 2004 in their home country by KBR and its Jordanian contractors, Daoud & Partners, to work as kitchen staff in a luxury hotel in Amman. Once they reached the Jordanian capital, however, their passports were taken from them and they were sent to Iraq. While travelling in an unprotected convoy, the Nepalis were kidnapped and later executed.

"It doesn't appear that any of them knew they were going to Iraq," said Matthew Handley, a lawyer representing the only survivor and the families of those who were killed. "A few were told they were going to work at an American camp...They thought they were going to work in America."

MECCA: Peace, Forgiveness, Justice

The Hajj is extraordinary, which makes this Palestinian story all the more heartbreaking.