Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The What and Why

The events of our lives, how we interpret and respond to them, depend so deeply on the people we surround ourselves with. Whether these people are teenagers in Bushwick, Brooklyn, or mothers of incarcerated young men in Palestine; whether we stand directly next to someone, or are estranged from them; whether they live a-half-a-world-away or share our same bed at night, the people we know, know of, and even those whose existence remains a mystery to us, shape our world, and therefore contribute to the people we become. Daily. It is paramount that we recognize these people, these peoples, and strive to build and/or deepen connections to them. Without our efforts, the life, the strength of others remains abstract, something that is supposed, rather than felt, activated or actualized. This "blog" represents (one of) my own, small, effort on this front. My life depends on it, after all.

trevor baumgartner
from brooklyn, ny