Monday, December 07, 2009

Beirut Journal Day #30: Solution


Toward a One State Solution
~for Valerie

From the other side
of the world I turn
the lights off
fall into a state
of sleep
& dig deep through dreams seeking
to taste
that space b/w your neck
& shoulder
to feel your knees
around mine
like jasmine winding up a trellis
your soft breath stretches
across oceans across
this night
my light
is off from the other side
of this world
i sleep
with you
my love.
Gemmayze Door

Gemmayze Corridor

I'm really fascinated by the doors here. Something about them has captured my attention. I think through these two I can best explain why.

The first, "Gemmayze Door," is an ornate door, the colors of which highlight the architecture of the building it will allow a visitor into. In this case, though, it's closed. No entry will be granted. Despite this exclusion, it's beautiful. You want to look at it. You want to walk through it. It is, ironically, inviting.

The second, "Gemmayze Corridor," is a glimpse through an opened door. Unlike the other picture, it is not inviting. You don't want to see what's on the other side, unless you are willing to take a risk.

In some small way, i think, maybe these two doors serve as metaphors for this city.

(Gemmayze is a neighborhood of East Beirut.)

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