Saturday, December 05, 2009

Beirut Journal Day #28: Images

Armenian Cultural Museum

Nearly all of the artifacts inside the museum were carried from Turkey to Syria, and then to Lebanon, either by foot or by boat, during the Ottoman Genocide of Armenian Christians. This genocide, as the little white chapel, full of bones, reminds us, "was the first genocide of the 20th century." A fact, it is a fact, of critical import. The excerpt below is from a solid article by Robert Fisk, you can click his name at the end of the quote to read the whole thing. He explains why US Presidents refuse to recognize this genocide, under pressure from Turkey (where the US has airbases, and Israel, who want to monopolize the Holocaust Industry.).

Starting on 24 April 1915, Enver Pasha's Turkish army and militias rounded up almost the entire Armenian community, massacred hundreds of thousands of men and sent vast death marches of women and children into the deserts of Anatolia and what is now northern Syria. Expert historians, including Israel's own top genocide academic, insist that the shooting-pits, the organised throat-cutting, the mass rapes and kidnappings – even the use of primitive suffocation chambers – all constituted a systematic genocide.
~Robert Fisk

Nightime Scenes

The Last Days of Sunshine

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