Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beirut Journal Day #4: Metaphors for Mosquitoes, or A Sleepless Night in the Middle East

I. Bush Doctrine

I’m on a mission. Firm in my resolve to find a living situation that I can endure. After last night, I realize that a mash-up Bush Doctrine/Marshall Plan may have to be implemented in my search. For, I was bombarded all night long by Kamikaze-Suicide-Bomber mosquitoes. I’m sure they have weapons of mass destruction somewhere, ready to be unleashed. They do not respond to my diplomatic entreaties. They are, quite simply, hellbent on vamping every last ounce of blood out of me.

Get ready, Beirut, you’re either with me or against me!

II. Desert Storm

A vast desert stretches out as far as the eye can see. Pristine, beautiful. On the horizon, oil derricks, plunging and pulling in their timeless manner. This oil is the envy of the world. It’s guardian must take precautions and be careful not to upset those who covet this treasure, lest they make war.

Oh, there will be war.

From down below, if you have a keen eye, you just may catch a glimpse of an enemy drone, probing from high above, looking for the perfect place to strike. Just when you think you see it, it’s gone, like magic! And while you were looking, another one or two stealthy enemy fighters have dive-bombed some other not to distant region. They have spiked the surface, plunged in and are extracting the oil, this lifeblood. And a swarm is coming. They can be heard, but not seen.

The *armed* forces are overwhelmed. They are ill equipped to handle such a concerted onslaught. It looks like guerilla warfare will be the most effective way to fight. They may not be able to kill all of the invaders, or even force them out, but they can draw the enemies in, one at a time, little by little, give them a small taste, then…THWAK!
Yes, there will be blood.

And when you realize that the blood of the invader has come from the invaded, there’s only one option. Get up, get out, move something. This war must be stopped!

November 10, 2009

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Nice! Good one Trev.