Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beirut Journal Day #13: Beirut Graffiti

"I Don't Wanna Die"

"Red S"


"Big Up"


Most of these pieces can be found across the street from the Beirut Art Center, a pretty fantastic place. I walked there today (it's in East Beirut) to check out their exhibit called "America." The exhibit was fair. It showed different slices of the US through a bunch of different mediums, mostly by American artists.

My favorite was Kara Walker's haunting, disturbing shadow puppet film. It was a bout an enslaved woman whose master freed her. She became emamoured with her new power, & nasty things happened.

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Phat2 said...

hey just a clarification regarding that second flick. it's not an "S" it's an "@" which is part of a 3-way split graffiti that spells "Ph@" (each letter is in a different place at that bus station)