Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Intifada Poems

It's hard to write haiku 4 Palestine

b/c you must go
sofarsofast then slingshot
poems like cold stones

I say what I can
but Palestine needs
bread & land more than my poems


slingshot rocks rail walls
bricks & bullets rain down sharp
26 more dead


water sucked from stones
slingshots versus tank grenades
blood seeps down brick walls

w/ this blood we draw borders
through Jerusalem, Jenin

Gaza Strip bare ribs
kids inhale bullets like air
homes collapse like lungs

forgive us our trespasses
give us this day our day's bread

1 comment:

stay said...

dear Trevor,
gabriel sent me the news of your trip & link to your blog. I just returned from Palestine a few days ago & thought of you in Bethlehem. can I share your lovely poems? am struggling myself to write it all out right now, and these in particular just unraveled the lump in my throat where I've been bottlenecking the tears and the rage. So glad you are there and glad you'll be sharing it with us. Love, Clare in San Francisco