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T.W.I.N #3: Barack The Vote; The Stupid Economy;


So, according to (check out the side panel on the right) it's looking like Obama is going to walk away with this election. I mean, it's not over, but a 96% chance of victory is one that seems pretty clear. If you haven't checked out fivethirtyeight (so named b/c that's how many electoral votes there are in the nation), definitely do so. It was started by a baseball/moneyball guy, a stat-head who's got too much time on his hands. Thank Gawd for that! He basically weights all the state and national polls based on their historical accuracy and creates like 10,000 electoral scenarios a day to come up with a snapshot of the electorate. Today's 'results' are below:


It's great to poll "likely" voters or registered voters or undecided voters or whomever, but what happens when that "likely" voter's vote is discarded? Or not picked up? Or blocked?

OK, so Oprah's voting tribulation is fairly innocuous, right? But check out this story from Georgia.
In a bold move this week, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel (R) announced she was sending letters to 4,770 registered voters that they may have to cast "challenge" ballots that won't be counted on election day.

In a striking announcement, she also declared that regular citizens could address the "problem" of non-citizen voting by contesting the citizenship of fellow voters at the polls -- forcing them to also cast challenged ballots that won't be included in election day tallies.

Cynthia McKinney knows a little bit about the voter disenfranchisement in Georgia. She had her congressional seat ripped from under her due to republican gerrymandering (the Republicans used some of the same tactics in Connecticut re: Ned Lamont and Joe Sleaziman). McKinney's now running for prez on the Green Party ticket. Though I think this move is a mistake at this point in time I do support her run. She's pushing the Democrats to the left, which must be done. And, if we believe in the accuracy of 538, the questions that we have to ask circle around how we can force the Dems, and Obama, to recognize us and meet our needs.

In some uplifting news, 109-year old Amanda Jones cast her ballot for Obama last week. She's the daughter of a slave. Seriously. No words...


Exxon posted record 3rd quarter profits. Surprised?

Goldman Sachs bags up $12 billion
of our money, and pays its execs $14 in bonuses! Seriously!

The Global Bailout = $5,000,000,000.

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