Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Israel PM Ehud Olmert Indicted, Shaul Mofaz Under Investigation for War Crimes

Obama will not turn off this faucet

The Israeli Attorney General has been urged to launch a criminal investigation into whether Shaul Mofaz, a leading prime ministerial candidate, ordered "war crimes" to be committed when he was the military's chief of staff.

The corruption charges against Olmert are one thing--not terribly surprising, either. They highlight the instability and volatility of the Israeli political establishment. They've had so much turnover over the last 8 years, since the second Intifada started. Ehud Barak was forced out, Sharon the War Criminal took over, but his extreme right coalition failed and they had to realign. Then the "moderate" coalition took over, running on a hard right platform w/ regards to the Occupation. All-the-while Binyamin Netanyahu has been lying in the cut, waiting for the moment to re-emerge. Look out.

The War Crimes investigation are, to me, much more interesting (if not more significant). I figure it can play out in one of two ways: 1) the investigation will go nowhere and Mofaz will be shifted to a new post; or 2) Mofaz will take the fall to preserve, and even strengthen, the systems that are in place. If you watch The Wire, think Ervin Burrell.

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