Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beirut Seizure: For Haas Mroue

"A night. A man. A city"
--Haas Mroue

axiom #1: you can never
step into the same river

axiom #2: There is no
such thing
as civil war

4.13.75 to present
brief periods of relative

calm call it
intermittent peace.
a lull in activity

when a mother hums a lullaby
to her son. her future
scholar. soldier perhaps

or poet.
with pedestrian desires
he'll traipse paris side streets

south american vinyards
crush grapes
sip wine & taste

home. beirut
under fire, like grace.
the place that pits brother

versus cousin versus
stranger. ally &
enemy one & the same.

now i have
my father


no refuge.
camp. school.

the local hospital
buried under
mounds of its own rubble

where will the people go?
who will search for
& rescue

the night
from phosphorous, firefights
& small arms dealers?

who will sit w/ you
after your heart


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Fitting for someone who seems to have been a beautiful person.


Carter Quigg said...


June was my mentor as well. I was just feeling a need to reconnect to Haas Mroue and I did a random google search. I ended up on your page with the first click of my mouse. I think that it may be less cosmic and more about the fact that Haas Mroue's voice was not a popular one. I remember how he was so raw about the way his own people had not wanted to remember or hear this story. I can honestly say that I love him from having met him once. A dear, struggling, human man...Any way, I would love to know what you are teaching and how you are applying June's teachings. I think of her every day.

Be well, my compatriot, and remember, we are the ones we have been waiting for...

pk said...

a very genuine final salute, trevor.

with love,

Anonymous said...

A wonderful tribute to Haas, my son.
Thank you.